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3 Types of Fencing Materials to Choose From a Fence Contractor

The addition of fencing is one of the easiest ways to demarcate your boundaries, make your property secure and add value to your property as well. With the slowdown in the economy, fencing projects are more affordable than ever before. It is the right time to erect a fence around your residential or commercial property, and make the most of the competitive pricing. Find out about 3 types of fencing materials that you can choose from your fence contractor.


Wooden fencing is cost-effective and is very popular among people who love nature, as these can blend well into the natural sceneries. These are among the commonest types of fencing. If you want more privacy, you can choose tall wooden fence material that comes with a lattice panel on the top. These details prevent passersby from seeing through your fence slats and reaching over them.

If you want a wooden fence merely for aesthetic reasons, or to contain small pets within your yard, it can be best to go for board-on-board or stockade styles. Homes, farms and ranches with acres of land around them choose post and pole fences. Such types of fences have a post placed every few feet apart, or how you would like them to spread out, with 2 – 4 poles being laid across. This can make a short barrier. Although you cannot get enough privacy, these fences look aesthetic and can prevent livestock from leaving your compound. It is a good idea to consult your fence contractor and find out more regarding the options that suit your needs the best.


Metal fences, such as chain link, are popular as well. These are more or less see-through in design and rarely screen your yard from curious eyes, such as those of your neighbors. However, these are tall and difficult to climb – which means you can keep out people more easily. In case you wish to go for a more private fencing solution, you have to pay a little more so that slats are added behind the surface – preventing others to see through the fences. Often, a chain link fence is a wonderful option when there are plenty of climbing plants in a home. You can just allow the climbers to slowly grow up the fence sides until the metal can barely be seen. This will make your metal fence blend with your home surroundings better than wood, and can minimize the visibility of your home and yard to the people outside.


This is another fantastic option. PVC fencing is strictly decorative in most cases, given that many fence owners opt for the white picket style that can be put around the front yard. There is no need to seal or paint it, which makes it almost maintenance-free. In many cases, short PVC fences are enough to restrict kids and pets within the perimeter or compound of a home. These can also serve as privacy fencing, although these are not generally used for the purpose. You should consult your fence contractor regarding your choices.

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