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5 Questions to Ask to Your Commercial Fence Contractor

Fencing is an important part of any commercial establishment, and you need a dependable contractor to offer you a perfect fencing solution and install the same. Fence contractors are skillful professionals who understand your particular requirements and can offer you the best enclosures. However, a wrong choice means you will only end up wasting your money and time and have to settle for inferior, non-durable barricades. Find out about 5 questions that you need to ask to your fence contractor.

1.Are you a licensed operator?

Check whether the fence contractor has a business license. You can check with the Contractors State License Board to find out about the license. The contract should clearly mention the license number of the agency, and you can use the number to find out whether the license is still valid.

2.Do you carry insurance?

Find out whether the agency is bonded and insured. Credible contractor agencies have workers compensation and general liability insurance policies. With an agency that holds a policy that covers any worker injuries or work-site damages, you can be assured of a safe fence installation.

3.Are you conversant with local laws?

Ask whether your contractor is familiar with the fence permitting process, local building codes and pool codes. If you have a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) in your area that has specific rules and regulations about fencing to be followed, you need a contractor who knows, understands and abides by them.

Keep in mind, however, that the contractor is not solely responsible for adherence to laws. As a customer, you would like to confirm with Under Ground Service Alert (USA) where your sprinkler, power, water and underground gas lines are placed. Fencing contractors will have no responsibility for any damage to unmarked utilities that are underground. As a customer, you might also need to get any necessary Building permits.

4.Do you demand up-front payment?

Try to know about their payment schedule. How much does the contractor expect you to pay up-front? Although the rules differ as per state laws, the down payment should never exceed 50%. Based on the size of your total project, you might need to progress payments or simply pay the balance when the project is completed. You should make it a point to stay away from any contractor that demands too much money up-front.

As a thumb rule, it is important to look for agencies that are long-timers in your area or are at least known to be credible organizations. Reliable contractors are always interested in establishing long-term relationships with clients and are not solely guided by monetary profits.

5.Can you offer custom fencing?

In case you do not like to use ready made fences and need unique fencing solutions, ask whether the fence contractor can offer customized to your specifications. Long-timer agencies are often capable of offering beautiful fences that are customized to the specific needs of clients, and can match the overall ambience. Custom fencing solutions are quite popular these days, and you can expect a lot of appreciation from clients and business contacts with such fences.

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