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How to Compare Fencing Contractors for the Best Residential Fence Projects?

Residential fencing projects are extremely important, and fences for homes are actually a big deal. These ensure aesthetics, security and privacy to your home, and add value to your residential property. Good fence contractors are essential to your residential fencing projects. Find out how you can compare fencing contractors to get the best fencing solutions for your house.

Level of experience

If you want the best fencing project resolution, it is important to settle for an expert. You can be assured of better work with long-timers, who offer durable enclosures that can easily satisfy your needs for privacy and safety. Working with an agency with only a few months of experiencing and having a team of novices means you will not get the kind of results you are looking for. As a thumb rule, any agency with 5 or more years of experience is a safe bet – provided it has a great project portfolio as well.

Fee structure

It is important to look at the fee structure and ensure that the contractor is flexible with his pricing. Keep in mind that the project cost depends on the size of project, materials used, brand name, whether prefabricated or custom designs are used, and various other important factors. As a thumb rule, a fence contractor never asks for over 50% as up-front fee. You have to keep these things in consideration while comparing the fees of contractors.

Project portfolio

Find out whether the contactor handles different types of fencing projects. In other words, it should be versatile enough to work with different materials – such as wood, aluminum, PVC or vinyl. Make sure that it also offers eco-friendly options, which are organic and come without any risks of environmental damage. Look at the portfolio, check whether the fencing solutions are innovative, and have some uniqueness to them. Try to know whether the agency has worked for any reputed clients or businesses in your area, so that you can check with them. Compare the colors, style, choice of material and overall finishes.


Compare the designs of the project, and ensure that the one you choose has an impressive range of designs. When it comes to wooden fence designs, picket, paddock, tabletop and lattice top are some of the best ones that you can find. Look for a contractor that offers varied designs, and does not just stick to one or a couple of fence designs. You should also consider whether the contractor uses innovation in simple designs, and try to infuse uniqueness into seemingly ordinary designs.

Client testimonials

Finally, you should also check client testimonials and find out which of the agencies is known to enjoy the best reputation among customers. It is understood that the fence contractor that enjoys the best ratings and reviews, and the best record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is the one you should go for. It is a good idea to go for a local service provider, so that the fees do not include transportation expenses as well. Fence Master - Look at Understanding Various Aspects Of Wood Rot In Fences.

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